PHOTOS: Wrigley Renovation to Cost $300M, Take 5 Years

The Cubs are talking Wrigley Field, with plans to completely renovate the stadium moving full steam ahead.

The Chicago Cubs are planning to spend $300 million and five seasons to do a complete renovation of Wrigley Field, the team announced officially on Saturday.

Expected to start this fall, Cubs President of Business Operations Crane Kenney presented the latest renderings during the 2013 Cubs Convention. The new ballpark will feature everything from added concessions and bathrooms to a completely new clubhouse for players.

“We listened to you, and your love for this ballpark came through loud and clear,” Kenney said. “Your input was put into this ballpark, and what you see is the direction we’re heading.”

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And because construction will on happen on the off-season, the Cubs will continue to play at the iconic field while the renovation is under way.

This also comes after the Rickets family announced they plan to build a boutique Sheraton Hotel where the current McDonalds sits on the corner of Addison and Clark Streets. It may come as no surprise that this year's Cubs Convention was held at the Sheraton Hotel & Towers in downtown Chicago.

Kenney also commented on the controversial topic of funding the renovation, saying if they are going to be restricted by the public, they need help footing the bill.

“In most ballparks, if you’re a publically funded facility like our friends on the South Side, there’s an amusement tax, Kenney said. “...If this is such an asset (to the community) and we’re being restricted, we need some help. If they want to treat us like the other 29 (privately owned) clubs, where we can play games whenever, have advertisements, the Rickets will be prepared to write the check.”

The park is slated to include features like:

  • Expanded concourse
  • New roof decks and outdoor concessions
  • Replaced roof
  • New seating
  • 50 million pounds of steel and concrete removal
  • Batting tunnel for players
  • New clubhouse and locker rooms
  • Renovated suites and lounges
  • New press box
  • Increase number of restrooms by 42 percent
  • Increase concession and sales points by 107 percent

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Link N. Parker January 21, 2013 at 03:24 AM
I dont care what they do with the stadium but I do hope they get rid of the mcdonalds and make that blovk of Clark St more interesting...the block of Clark from Addison up to Waveland is boring. It's like a giant parking lot, it needs more frontage right up against the sidewalk.
john bellei January 21, 2013 at 05:56 PM
The Ricketts, in my opinion, have been terrible owners, and now insult the fans and community by calling us restrictive...especially when you put such a poor product on the field. Perhaps the losing tradition is the most restrictive element here... They have raised every concession and ticket price while putting a terrible team on the field. But telling us to pay up for the "restrictions" we put on them really tops it off. 1. The Ricketts made the purchase with the restrictions in place- it was factored into the purchase price. You made your bed- don't try to pass if off on us 2. They know very well that people make pilgrimages to Wrigley and the field is at least 50% of the reason they fill seats. Go ahead and build new, move to Naperville. See how that works out. Then they'll actually have to win to sell seats 3. If we, as fans, need to pay we would be investors and as such would require a piece of the business. And, how about some profit sharing...a fixed percent of profits every year back to the community (I realize they already give back, but make it mandatory).
TheDoctor1963 January 21, 2013 at 09:36 PM
Let them charge an amusement tax, a special sales tax on tickets, whatever...but don't expect me to pay via property taxes. I don't go there nor watch the game.
Bolero February 04, 2013 at 11:22 PM
I was born and raised in Chicago and am now living in the SF Bay Area. There is a hum and buzz to championship sports that has become unknown to Cub fans. They don't know what it's like for the papers to contain nonstop pictures and stories, to see gear for sale on every corner and in every shop, to see buses and delivery vehicles draped in team colors. Everyone has their own way of commemorating the champs, not just the fans. Take that $300 mil and build a team! People will remember that more than spiffy new beer stands and more concessions.
frank graczyk February 18, 2013 at 07:23 PM
dear Bolero, the new SF Stadium is right around the corner..OK, the SR Rickets was out of line with his intended donation for "message statement political ads", but don't punish the team for it..the stadium needs room for much needed upgrades..better on sight amenities such as locker room and training facilities..the Cubs are the only team in the league to maintain their own stadium..and they still have to pay money to the state while being the 3rd largest grossing public attraction in the state..Mayor Daley(Sox fan) helped 2 put those restrictions on the team..there is also the Chicago Sports Authority thing that the Cubs have been noticeably been left out of while the Sox and Bears have been included..the neighborhood continues 2 hold the team 2 ransom while siphoning revenue from it..clearly, the club needs more than just deep pockets to field a more consistently competitive team. they have asked for help from the city, and the city has refused. so let them rebuild from practically the lats of the walls from the ground up with their own money..the club draws better than the Sox, and I'm sure have more fans internationally than the south siders..this is the oldest facility in the NL, and while they have spent to try to repair a facility that was not built to last as long as it has..it has antiquated facilities across the board comprehensively that need to be addressed..similar to (but more involved than) the program used successfully at Fenway Park..please be patient..OK..?


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