Lake View’s Biggest Romney Supporters Live In…

Patch broke down the more than 60 precincts in Lake View, revealing where the biggest Obama lovers live, and where the Romney supporters reside.

President Barack Obama may have snatched the votes of 84 percent of Chicago constituents on Tuesday, but in Lake View, there were a few voters that thought Gov. Mitt Romney should have been the next commander in chief.

Patch broke down the more than 60 different precincts in Lake View between four different wards to find where Obama’s biggest supporters live, and more importantly, where Romney’s largest following resides. Wards 44, 32, 46 and 47 all claim a portion of the community.

Nestled in South Lake View, a group of voters in the Ald. Scott Waguespack’s (32nd) ward were most in favor of booting Obama from office, according to Chicago's online election results. With 229 votes, more than 35 percent of voters in the eighth precinct voted for Romney and vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan.

  • Check out the attached map to see where the precincts are. 

That’s both the most votes and the largest percentage of eligible voters in favor the Republican team in the entire Lake View Community. The eighth precinct is a triangle formed by Lincoln Avenue, Diversey Parkway and Southport Avenue, as well as just one block to the south.

"Of the eligible voters in the area... more than 83 percent voted for the president."

On the other hand, it was a precinct in Ald. Tom Tunney’s (44th) ward that snatched up the most votes for Obama. With 627 votes, more than 80 percent of voters in the ward’s 17th precinct cast a ballot for the president, making it the area in Lake View with the most Obama supporters. North Broadway, Barry Avenue, Sheridan Road and Briar Place roughly bind that precinct.

However, when it comes to the percent of voters in favor of Obama, the 33rd precinct takes first prize. Of the eligible voters in that area – bound by North Broadway, Cornelia Avenue, North Halsted and Buckingham Place – more than 83 percent voted for the president.

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While the 44th ward may cover a majority of Lake View, as well as the Boystown community, residents may be surprised to find just 73 percent of the ward voted in favor of the gay-friendly president. That’s compared to the 46th ward, covering parts of Uptown and Lake View, where almost 82 percent of voters cast a ballot for Obama.

Residents in the 6th ward on the South Side were most eager to vote the president back into office, with 99.31 percent of voters casting a ballot for Obama. That ward covers the Grand Crossing neighborhood.

In addition, Chicago’s largest concentration of Romney supporters lives in the city’s 41st ward surrounding O’Hare international Airport and parts of Edison Park. Almost 45 percent of voters supported Romney. That ward was also recently the home to the City Council’s lone Republican, Alderman Brian G. Doherty, according to the New York Times.

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