Derrick Smith Wins Illinois Seat Despite Bribery Charges

The former lawmaker was ousted from his seat in the Illinois house, but beat challenger Lance Tyson in the race to win Tuesday’s election.

Former state lawmaker Derrick Smith has been re-elected to his seat in the Illinois House Tuesday after being impeached and expelled for allegedly taking $7,000 bribe, according to CBS Chicago.

Smith took an early lead in Tuesday’s election against challenger Lance Tyson, an independent lawyer, the Chicago Tribune reports. Later, with half the votes reported, Smith had 62 percent of the vote compared to Tyson’s 38 percent.

The House of Representatives expelled Smith in August after his alleged felony crime in March, Huffintington Post writes. Smith was bribed to write an official letter of support to a fictional daycare center he thought was seeking a state grant. The FBI informant delivered an envelope filled with cash to Smith, and Smith accepted it.

With his trial soon approaching, Smith has pleaded not guilty to the charges, the Tribune reports. He is still allowed to be sworn in, and cannot face a second impeachment. But if he were convicted of the crime in January, he would be forced to leave the House again. 

Smith was fighting for Illinois' heavily Democratic, 10th legislative district.


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