Blotter: Duo Snatches Man’s Purse; Subway Robber Orders Cookies

From a flaming car on Berteau Avenue in North Center to thieves punching a pedestrian on Lill Avenue in Lincoln Park, these are the 19th District Police Department's most recent reports.

The following items are based on police reports from Chicago's 19th Police District.

The district provides police protection on Chicago's north side, from Lawrence Avenue on the north, Fullerton Avenue on the south, the Chicago River on the west and Lake Michigan on the east. 


Saturday, Jan. 19

Armed Robber Orders Cookies at Subway

Police said a man walked into the Subway at 3601 N. Western Ave., around 11:30 p.m. and asked to use the bathroom. When leaving the restaurant, he reportedly ordered a few cookies. When the cashier opened the register, the man displayed a small black handgun, according to the report. He then reached into the till, grabbed $849, and fled, heading north on Western Avenue. Police had not yet located the suspect as of Tuesday, but the victim described him as a Hispanic man between the ages of 40 and 48.

Sunday, Jan. 20

Firefighters Extinguish Flaming Car

Someone called police around 1 a.m. to report flames coming from a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix that was parked in the 1800 block of Berteau Avenue. When officers got to the scene, Chicago firefighters had already squelched the flames, which were contained to the engine-are of the car. The victim said he had parked his car there in the morning.


Saturday, Jan. 19

Thug Duo Attacks Man in Alleyway

A 26-year-old man filed a report last week after he was attacked while walking in the 1000 block of West School Street. The man was treated at Thorek Hospital for minor injuries—primarily, a cut on his face—he sustained in the scuffle, which he said occurred around 11:45 p.m. The victim said two 18- to 22-year-old men approached him in an alley and asked him for money. He showed them his empty wallet, at which time they reportedly demanded that he hand over his iPhone. The victim tried to run, police said, but the offenders began striking him in the face. They got the cell phone and ran away, according to the report.

Man Helps in Arrest of Trio After Drunken Beating, Police Say

With one Lake View man’s help, police arrested three violent robbers over the weekend after a group of men jumped a 23-year-old Garfield Ridge man, beating him in the street and robbing him, police say.

“I hear something going on, look over and see a guy on the ground with all these guys around him — one’s standing on his stomach, one on his throat, one’s kneeling on him and punching his face,” said Jeff Graveline, 27, a bartender at Trader Todd’s on Sheffield Avenue.

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Robber Flees After Spotting Witness

A robber shoved a 19-year-old drunken woman to the ground while she was walking home from a house party at 12:30 a.m. in the 3900 block of North Sheridan Road, police said. The victim began screaming, according to the police report, and the suspect covered her mouth. At that time, both the man and woman spotted a witness across the street. The suspect ran away, according to the report. The victim’s cell phone was reportedly stolen in the scuffle.

Sunday, Jan. 20

Duo Steals Resting Man’s Purse

A 51-year-old man called the cops after he was reportedly robbed while resting in a local bank lobby. The victim—he told police he was dressed as a woman during the incident—said he was intoxicated and lying down in the ATM lobby at Bank of America, 936 W. Belmont Ave., around 4:30 a.m.

Two men entered the lobby and insisted on  helping the man off the floor, the report said. They then demanded that he turn over his car keys. When the victim didn’t comply, one of the offenders pulled him up and began pushing him toward the lobby door.

One of them told the man, “Give me your purse. Do you want to get f-----?” One of the robbers then grabbed the man’s purse and the two began to struggle. A suspect got the man’s Mastercard and the two ran away. The victim said he didn’t immediately call 911 because of his impaired state and the fact that “he was highly frightened by the incident.”

Sex Offender Held After Robbing Waitress, Mom, Kids

A convicted sex offender was ordered held on $1 million bail after robbing a waitress, suburban mother and her two children Sunday night at the Lake View restaurant Cassava Bread. William Castle, 43, of Tennessee, was charged with aggravated robbery, unlawful restraint and aggravated kidnapping, police said. He is also on Tennessee’s sexual offender registry for aggravated sexual battery in 2009.

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Sunday, Jan. 20

Thieves Punch Pedestrian, Steal Wallet

A 23-year-old man told police he was approached by two men around 6:30 p.m. while on the sidewalk in the 800 block of West Lill Avenue. The duo punched the man in the mouth, causing him to fall to the ground. One of the two then reached into the victim’s pocket and grabbed his wallet. The pair fled toward Lincoln Avenue, according to the report.

Cop-Socking Man Chooses Jail Over Freedom

Officers responded over the weekend to a ruckus near the intersection of West Wrightwood and North Lincoln avenues, where a man was reportedly challenging various people to fight him for no apparent reason.

They were flagged down Jan. 20 by the man's friends who said he was "enraged, extremely intoxicated and punching at people; and that they needed help getting the subject into the car," according to the police report. Officers arrived on the scene around 1:30 a.m., when they found the rowdy 23-year-old facing a building with his arms behind his back, they said.

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Gunnery Sgt Hartman January 25, 2013 at 04:53 PM
Is crime up or down in Lakeview since the closure of the Belmont Station house?


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