Turns out Ron Howard doodles

I thought it would be worth mentioning that I read the following article that director, Ron Howard (who I, like many grew up with) is selling collectible mugs sold on Amazon.  What makes this truly "Ronesque" as I like to call it, is that Mr. Howard designed these mugs while on work calls....he is donating all of the proceeds to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America AND he used an American based company from start to finish (I read that on Amazon - and on the card that comes with the mug - I couldn't resist - I got number 2 out of 2,000 :).  Hearing that he helped an American small business and such a great charity, is this not the image that comes to mind when one is thinking of Opie?  He also posts fan photos when you send them in on his Facebook page - -responds to his fans....he  truly must be as nice as everyone says he is.... I have a new liking for Mr. Howard!

Newspaper Article:
Paula Skaggs January 05, 2014 at 08:59 PM
This is very cool, Maryellen! Thanks for sharing – what a cool way for him to give back!
Maryellen Czegledi January 06, 2014 at 07:21 PM
I love it! I actually bought 2 sets of his mugs to help the charity and I was shocked to learn that his mugs were made in the USA - - from start to finish - - - it really just warms my heart knowing that he is trying to help! :)


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