Voting Ends Today: DePaul Student Vies for Dream Wedding

Nichole Guzzo needs YOUR VOTE! The DePaul University senior is in the running for a $93,000 dream wedding from The Knot. Voting ends today, so take a moment to cast your ballot. Guzzo and her fiance are the only two Chicagoans competing.

Switching tables with a coworker while serving at a bar in St. Charles a year and a half ago may have been one of the best moves of Nichole Guzzo's life.

The DePaul University senior made the change after spotting her now fiance, Brian Johnston, 23, who was eating with a friend. Though he left the restaurant after Guzzo got busy, he later returned to ask for her phone number, she said.

A year and a half later, the two are engaged and in the running to win a dream wedding from The Knot. But voting ends today, Jan. 9, leading Guzzo to spread the word even further about her undying love for Johnston, a firefighter.

"Brian is such a gentleman and makes me feel so special but also has the ability to make me laugh until I cry," Guzzo, 24, said. "He's caring, honest and so darn adorable which makes him the perfect man for me."

Guzzo said she entered The Knot contest because her mom's fight with multiple sclerosis and dad's return to school has made money in the family tight. Her parents would love to help them pay for the wedding but they just can't afford it, she said.

"It broke my heart the day my mom offered to sell jewelry she had received as an inheritance from her parents' passing to help us pay for our wedding," Guzzo said. "In Brian's family, there are four people currently in school, so financially it also would be tough for them to help out."

Johnston, set to graduate at the same time as Guzzo this coming May, is in paramedics school. The two are the only Chicagoans vying for the $93,000 dream wedding in New York's Bryant Park. Voters will select every last detail of the big day in the weeks leading up to it, according to The Knot's website.

Online voting for the contest started Monday and runs until 4 p.m. Wednesday, with three chances to vote every 24 hours. The winners will be announced at 1 p.m. Thursday on The Knot website.

Learn Guzzo and Johnston's love story and then take just a moment to VOTE FOR THE CHICAGOANS TO WIN THEIR DREAM WEDDING.


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