Big G's Pizza's "Pride Pizza" Donation Promotion

Big G's Pizza is proud to support the LGBT community. In recognition of Chicago Pride Week, we have unveiled our new "Pride Pizza."
$5 from every "Pride Pizza" purchased ($25 retail) from June 28 through July 3 will be donated directly to the Howard Brown Health Center (http://www.howardbrown.org/default.asp).
The "Pride Pizza" consists of a six slice variety pie, with all ingredients adding delicious and unique flavors that coincides with the colors found in the Rainbow Flag.
Pepperoni (red), buffalo chicken (orange), pineapple (yellow), spinach and green peppers (green), buffalo chicken and bleu cheese (blue), and kalamatta olives with red onions (purple)slices make up this delectable 20" pie.

Big G's Pizza is a BYOB establishment located just north of Waveland Avenue at 3716 N. Clark Street, two blocks west of the parade route on Broadway. Hours of operation are the following: Friday-Saturday, noon to 5 A.M.; Sunday, noon to 4 A.M.; Monday-Wednesday, 5 P.M. to 4 A.M.; Thursday, noon to 4 A.M.Big G's Pizza3716 N. Clark St.773-281-2444



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