Shoddy Rodent Proofing at Potbelly; Dirty Slurpee Store

Restaurant inspections are in, so check out what Lake View restaurants made the cut, and the details behind a sandwich shop's failure.

Patch reviewed heath inspection reports in Lake View, and a new slew of businesses were examined since our last inspection report.

Information was compiled using publicly available data published to the website of the Chicago Department of Public Health's Food Protection Program.

Restaurants can pass, pass with conditions or fail using a standardized procedure. Establishments that pass don't have any critical or serious violations. Those that receive 'pass with conditions' had serious violations, but the violations were corrected during the inspection. Failed establishments had serious violations that weren't correctable during the inspection. A fail rating does not mean the business' license is automatically suspended.

All inspections are done on a routine canvass, unless otherwise noted. 

Pick Me Up Café

3208 N. Clark St.
Inspection Date: Nov. 27

  • Health inspectors recently took a peek inside this Lake View café, and according the report, not many things were wrong. Although there was some “excessive dust build-up” on a ceiling vent above the prep area and two broken handles on refrigerators, the inspector almost passed this restaurant with flying colors.


1153 W. Belmont Avenue
Inspection Date: Nov. 27

  • Did someone say Slurpee? Employees at this 7-Eleven were asked to clean all the nozzles at the fountain drink and flavored coffee machines. They also “removed all the dirt and food debris” from the front of the store. Health inspectors also found the food prep staff not wearing hairnets and instructed them to do so.

Homemade Pizza

3314 N. Broadway
Inspection Date: Nov. 27

  • Besides two minor infractions, Homemade Pizza on North Broadway almost made it through its health inspection scot-free. Inspectors told employees to clean the food storage shelves inside the cooler and to store wiping cloths in sanitizing solution. Besides that, this pizza joint is one clean restaurant.

Relish the Thought

3207 N. Halsted St.
Inspection Date: Nov. 29

  • Health inspectors paid a visit to this local hot dog joint, and while it passed the inspection, a few improvements needed to be made. For example, employees were asked to remove unnecessary items from the food prep area to “prevent rodent harborage,” as well as seal opening around pipes. In addition, thermometers needed to be added to every cooler in the restaurant.

Caribou Coffee

3500 N. Halsted St.
Inspection Date: Nov. 30

  • Caribou Coffee in the heart of Boystown was visited by an inspector recently, and besides two issues, it was in perfect condition. Inspectors asked employees to clean a wall in a storage area, as well as remove some “unnecessary articles” in the food storage area.


3424 N. Southport Ave.
Inspection Date: Nov. 30

  • This local sandwich shop received two serious citations by health inspectors during its most recent review, meaning it failed its inspection. According to the report, a serious citation was issued when inspectors found the front door didn’t close properly, meaning it wasn’t “rodent proofed.” When the inspector realized the previous inspection from 2011 wasn’t visible to customers, the restaurant received another serious citation.

Saugatuck Coffee Company

3344 N. Halsted St.
Inspection Date: Nov. 30

  • Inspectors found just one thing wrong with Saugatuck: a missing thermometer in the milk cooler.  

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