Belmont Harbor Neighbors Meeting

Our meet-up
Our meet-up

The Belmont Harbor Neighbors (BHN) MEETING EVITE is out!

Come join us next Monday June 24th discuss the opinion results for the Wendt Playlot, updates on the Hotel on Halsted, annual Board election, and much more! http://ow.ly/mbr7N

Please continue to cast your opinion online about the new equipment for the Wendt Playlot until then! http://ow.ly/mbrn5

The link to the Evite is http://ow.ly/mbsMy

Not on BHN Evite list contact us - bhn@lakeviewcitizens.org

garry albrecht June 19, 2013 at 12:43 PM
we need your opinion on something! http://ow.ly/mbQCn


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