Cheesie's Pub & Grub Launches New Cheesie Challenge

The Cheesie Challenge

You've been waiting for it, Cheesie Lovers and it's finally here. On March 20th, at 8 p.m, we will be launching the Cheesies Challenge. A line up of three competitors will go head to head, in an attempt to not only finish this daunting sandwich, but also beat each other. 
The sandwich itself is called "The 7 layers of Cheese", it is made up of 7 different sandwiches and weighs in at nearly 7 lbs!! This accompanied with a pound of fries, must be finished in under 40 minutes. If so, you receive it for free, you get a T-Shirt, your picture on the wall and a gift card. If not, it costs you $30.

- Only one challenge can happen, every hour. Therefore, you must wait for a challenge to be over, before you can start yours. 
- Also, do you want some extra time added?! Each friend you bring in to watch you attempt it, counts for an extra minute on to your time.
- No "Reversal" of the sandwich digestion process and water is allowed.

Stop in on the 20th to see the revealing of this beast of a grilled cheese and decide if you have what it takes to tackle the "7 Layers of Cheese, Challenge"

Event Information HERE.
Cheesie's Page HERE. 


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